Sat, Dec 15, 2018
Build Diary0776 web
Build Diary0775 web
Build Diary0774 web
Build Diary0773 web
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Build Diary0770 web
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Build Diary0768 web
Build Diary0767 web
Alloy Floor-pan complete edged with rubber strip and approx 8 meters of EPDM 3mm x 30mm padding to stop the rattles
Build Diary0765 web
Bonnet and front quarters fitted and fully wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl wrap, small cutout is for the magnetic charge socket
Build Diary0764 web
Close view of dashboard in place with half carbon wrap
Build Diary0763 web
Side view of fitted panels and dash note side repeater on wrapped panel
Build Diary0762 web
Build Diary0761 web
Rear view of painted chassis with one set of side panels fitted and dash in place
Build Diary0760 web