Sat, Dec 15, 2018
build diary0704 web
Quick shot of rear wheel with new fiberglass cycle wing, wing mounts not made yet but location in this pic is approximately correct
build diary0703 web
build diary0702 web
build diary0701 web
build diary0700 web
All side panels cut and fitted to chassis
build diary0699 web
internal view showing panel mounting brackets tacked in place
build diary0698 web
build diary0697 web
build diary0696 web
build diary0695 web
Mounting bracket and bonnet pin in place bonnet pin is alloy and still needs cutting down during the final re-build, sponge rubber collar is to reduce vibration on bonnet
build diary0694 web
Another view of bonnet pin and mounting bracket in place on frame
build diary0693 web
Flush mounting bonnet catch shown open after first fit to bonnet
build diary0690 web
fully fitted, locking, flush fitting bonnet catch closed
build diary0689 web
Alloy bonnet complete with both flush catches fitted still needs rubber edging all round and paint or wrap
build diary0688 web
completed bonnet prior to catch fitting showing locating tracks fitted to bottom and front locating plate and both center holes drilled for mounting pins
build diary0687 web
bonnet catch mounting pin fitted upside down so that threaded end could be used to locate required hole in bonnet skin