Thu, Jul 02, 2020
engine swap web001
Here we have the new engine for the MKII buggy this is a 2001 VW Golf MK IV 1.8T GTI engine, recently pulled from its host ready to be stripped cleaned, sorted and squeezed into the MKII !!!
engine swap web002
So here we see the new engine with all the loom removed and tagged and all the secondary Air Injection system removed, I still have the aircon compressor and steering pump to remove.
engine swap web003
engine swap web004
engine swap web005
engine swap web006
engine swap web007
engine swap web008
Test 3d printed part in PETG (Edge) this will replace the standard top breather hose and will allow the use of normal Silicon hoses
engine swap web009
Another view of the test 3d printed part (top breather pipe)
engine swap web010
engine swap web011
engine swap web012