Mon, Jun 01, 2020
engine swap web025
Here we have a few of the anodised alloy goodies for the buggy, a nice as these look they are going to be on the buggy for a reason, the oil filter in its standard position is going to be a pig to remove when I need to, so this kit will allow me to move the filter to are better location and also plumb a secondary oil cooler if I need it
engine swap web026
Better view of those nice shiny alloy bits out of the packaging
engine swap web027
Here is the new intercooler for the buggy, the standard VW one should fit in the front wing which isnt going to work and is quite small so this new one is going to be replacing it!
engine swap web028
Another shot of the intercooler its a Toyosport one with 2.5" inlet and outlet
engine swap web029
engine swap web030
engine swap web031
engine swap web032
engine swap web033
engine swap web034
engine swap web035
engine swap web036