Sat, Dec 15, 2018

Its the Start!

Saturday 14 Feb 2009

Well its taken a while to do the initial designs for the beast and today is the day that 10 x 20 foot (or 10 x 6.1 Metre) lengths of steel tube arrive! yes that's right folks that's 200 foot of steel tube!! I eventually went for the 1.25 inch (32mm) ERW (Blue Stripe) tube with a 2mm wall thickness.

I got the tube from my local steel stockists Austin Walmsley Ltd - and they very kindly cut the lengths to a more manageable size so I could get it all in my garage, it looked like a lot on the back of the trailer they used to drop it off, but when it was on the floor I thought I'd lost half of it Description: Undecided

I got the 10 lengths cut in into 2 pieces each - which meant I had to get a complete cutting list for the chassis, painstakingly going through the computer model of the chassis collecting the actual length of each piece than adding the ruff cut length and a few millimetres extra for each bend (to be on the safe side), what I ended up with was a full cutting list in a spreadsheet showing each part, its length, any bend angles to be done to the part, the curve centre for each angle  (I'll explain this later) and finally which of the lengths of steel the part would be cut from. I then reduced this cutting list down so that each 6.1 metre / 20 foot length would only be cut once prior to delivery to me - this would allow me to store the steel in my garage until such time as I could cut the rest of the parts from each length.

As we had visitors arriving later that day I couldn’t start cutting the tube lengths up (Sigh Description: Frown) but I was assured by my better half that I would have most of Sunday to chop things up in the garage, so with a last look at what I had let myself in for, I dropped the garage door and looked forward to Sunday.