Sat, Nov 17, 2018

BIG NEWS - Its Road Legal!!

Big News Everyone -  The buggy is finally complete and fully road legal!!!

Yeah as of Wednesday 6th July 2016 the Chaos Buggy (or the MKII) as its called (DVLA needed a name) manufactured by Chaos Motorsport is a fully legal, taxed, and road worthy vehicle here in the UK, The V5 documents arrived on the following day so I now have everything!! - As you can imagine after this length of time I'm a very happy man, I've already put about 100 miles on the buggy just messing about going here / there / everywhere, any excuse in fact to jump in and charge off!!

So what happens next then.... Well first off I'm going to enjoy it and take as much video and as many photos as possible to post on this site and my YouTube channel, there will I'm sure, be modifications, for starters I'm going to make a navigators footrest in the passenger side and then possibly put a lockable storage area behind it for storing the few tools and jack.

So what does it drive like - well I have to say its never going to break any land speed records, but I never designed it for that so I'm not concerned, however due to larger wheels it does lack a little at the top end, so maybe in the near future there could be some engine work to boost the power output - we shall see, but for now its fine. The buggy's handling is spot on though, its not too light on the front corners like its on rails and soaks up pot holes (of which there are many in the UK) without forcing my spine through the top of my head :) so overall everything works well, handles well - and sounds awesome.

For those that have not yet had a look at the photos from the IVA test (The road legal test for cars here in the UK) and are considering putting their vehicle through the test, take a look in the galleries section of the website and look at the IVA Test gallery, it has quite a few photos from the day showing each stage of the test and the build diary also has more detail covering the actual day and also what I had to fix for the resit!

Anyway I hope everyone has enjoyed the build diary entries and all the photos of the build so far, I will be posting new material as and when I have it from shows and outings with the buggy, and I will also be prepping the plans for it, so if you fancy building a Chaos Buggy MKII yourself keep checking the website and I will post the plans and instructions for sale (once I've completed them) so you too can spend a vast amount of time in your garage creating a crazy vehicle just like mine.